Amitha Omonuwa

Amitha Omonuwa was born and raised in Nigeria to parents who both served as physicians. Because of that, he learned at an early age about the importance of healthcare, as well as the importance of being kind and doing everything possible to give back to the local community, especially those who need the most help. That is a key reason he decided to embark on a career as a physician’s assistant. Amitha learned that helping the poor and underserved was an essential element of life as he developed a passion for that early on; a passion he has carried to the present day.

Now a certified physician’s assistant with almost a decade of experience in vascular and endovascular surgery snd other areas, Amitha Omonuwa is most satisfied with his history of helping patients improve their lives through proper treatment and management of numerous vein disorders, especially difficult disorders such as spider veins and varicose veins. Those conditions may not be dangerous, but curing them does improve attitude and self-esteem, which can be helpful in other areas of their lives.