Amitha OmonuwaWhat leads a person to decide on a career path can have a variety of sources. It can be from their upbringing and it can also be from their own innate nature. From growing up in Nigeria with medical doctor parents, Amitha Omonuwa was inspired to become a physician assistant. This involved a lot of hard work and dedication. Amitha Omonuwa was passionate about people from the start. He knew that he wanted to build a life that was founded on the principles of being others focused. From watching his parents tend to patients and care for others, his decision was solidified to take him down the path that is his current career path.

After years of experience, Amitha Omonuwa is now employed at Lee Physician Group. Lee Physician Group has primary offices and hospital care locations in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. Amitha Omonuwa has found a home in Florida and enjoys being able to work in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area. He currently specializes in vascular and endovascular surgery. He also helps patients manage their issues of vein disorders, this would include spider and varicose veins issues. If you are looking for a doctor that cares about his patients to care for you, Amitha Omonuwa prides himself on being just that kind of doctor. Being able to help people has helped him to feel satisfied in his life and the work that he is doing.